Letter from the Chairman

35th Annual Scientific Conference of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia 2020

Greetings from Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM).

Continuing with its tradition of organising an annual scientific conference, NSM will be organising the 35th scientific conference, in Kuala Lumpur. Organising such scientific meetings is a primary objective of NSM and is our commitment to promoting nutrition science in the country. Such annual conference is the largest nutrition conference and is a meeting place for all nutritionists in the country.

In all its activities, NSM has highlighted the importance of prevention of nutrition-related diseases, both under and over-nutrition problems. We continue to believe that would be the way forward for the alleviation of the disease burden in the country. To further highlight this to all stakeholders, NSM has selected the conference theme: Together Towards Optimal Nutrition.

The theme of the 35th NSM Annual Scientific Conference underscores the importance of all stakeholders to work together to promote optimal nutrition among Malaysians. This conference aims to serve as a platform for all stakeholders to productively exchange and discuss research and intervention activities towards building healthier future generations. It is imperative for all stakeholders (academic institutions, professional bodies and private sectors) to form strategic alliances, and pool together all the required resources to promote optimal nutrition among Malaysians.

The structure for the main conference, as given in the preliminary announcement attached, will feature plenary lectures, as well as simultaneous symposia sessions with the main topics in food and nutrition of importance and relevance to the country. In addition, there will be lunch symposia sessions.

On behalf of the NSM Council, I am extending a very special invitation to your esteemed company to participate actively in the upcoming Conference. We would like to invite you to sponsor the conference, advertise in the souvenir programme and display your products and services to participants. We invite your staff to join others in learning of the developments in nutrition science within the country, as well as internationally.

I would also like to particularly draw your attention on being a major sponsor where you may also invite speaker(s) of your choice to speak in the lunch symposia session, in addition to the usual acknowledgements.

Join us in exploring ways to work together towards promoting optimal nutrition for healthier Malaysians. As the objective of the Conference is in line with the aspirations of your esteemed company, I am sure you would want to be involved in this exciting event where close to 350-400 nutritionists, food scientists and other allied professions gather for this largest nutrition meeting in the country.

Kindly confirm your participation using the enclosed sponsorship booking form. Please note that the various offers for sponsorship are on a first-come-first-served basis. If you wish to discuss other means of participation for your organisation, please feel free to contact me directly. Alternatively, you can also contact Ms Muhaini (012 – 357 9462) or Ms Rasyidah (011-3139 8387) of the NSM Conference Secretariat for further discussion or information.

NSM welcomes you to join us in promoting nutrition science in Malaysia.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Tee E Siong,
President Nutrition Society of Malaysia