Poster ID Abstract Title
Physicochemical analysis and sensory evaluation of different flavoured goat milk yoghurt
Afaf SAH and Napisah H
Isolation and identification of rhizosphere soil bacteria from rice varieties grown under greenhouse environment
Agubata ZC, Ubani E, Okeke G and Udo C
Physico-chemical and techno-functional properties of papaya (Carica papaya) dietary fibre fractions
Carew IE, Muhammad K, Gannasin SP and Fadhil Ayfan M
In-vitro bioaccessibility of spray-dried refined kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) seed oil applied in coffee drink
Chew SC and Nyam KL
In-vitro digestion of refined kenaf seed oil microencapsulated in ?-cyclodextrin/gum arabic/sodium caseinate by spray drying
Chew SC and Nyam KL
Texture modification of dairy-based foam and emulsion mixed beverage system: The effect on perceived satiation and satiety, and its potential implication in weight management
Goh WDY, Chong LC, Yan SW and Mohd Noor MI
Physicochemical and nutritional properties of steamed bread fortified with resistant starch
Hasmadi M, Noraidah H, Jau-Shya, L and Ramlah R
Preparation and sensory evaluation of microwaved mushroom crackers with herbs and spices
Jamilah WH and Khattak MMAK
Influence of geographical origins and extraction methods on the antioxidant properties of Kundang by-products
Loh J and Tan ST
Glycemic response to brown rice cooked using rice cooker and draining method.
Michelle NQY, Misra S, Chang SK and Segar H
Dietary fiber of pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) wastes and its resistance towards ?-amylase and stomach acid juice in vitro
Feadlind Dammia R and Mohd Redzwan S
Production of water soluble Heterotrigona itama propolis powder: evaluation of their antioxidant properties
Norra I, Arif Zaidi J, Noor Fadilah MB, Sabeetha S, Norhartini AS, Nor Fadhilah S, Aida M, Nurul Nabilah MF, Aishah MR and Nur Intan Farina S
Proximate composition and sensory evaluation of noodles made from wheat flour and composite barnyard millet flour
Nur Irsalina Mohamed Zaki and Siti Raihanah Shafie
Sensory evaluation of rice straw (volvariella volvacae) mushroom mixed with spices and herbs crackers by air frying method
Nur IFI and Muzaffar AKK
Sensory evaluation of rice straw mushroom mixed with herbs and spices crackers by pan-frying method
Nur RW and Khattak MMAK
Effect of gamma irradiation on proximate composition, antioxidant content, and activities of Carica papaya L. var. sekaki
Nur Asyra Azrin A, Nur Asyiqin MZ and Nurul Husna S
Effect of gamma irradiation on proximate composition, antioxidant content, and activities of Musa paradisiaca Formetypica L. var. nangka
Nadhira I, Chan YY and Nurul Husna S
Physicochemical, sensory and antioxidant properties of persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.) leaves cookies
Ramlan NAFM, Zaini NS, Mohammad SM, Ramli NS and Zawawi N
Sensory evaluation in determining consumers' acceptability of rice straw mushroom crackers mixed with herbs and spices
Remlan NI and Khattak MMAK
Glycemic response of white rice using rice cooker and draining method.
Segar H, Michelle NQY, Snigdha M and Chang SK
Palm mid fraction raise postprandial glucose dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) level compared to shea butter
Voon PT, Toh WH, Tony Ng KW, Verna Lee KM, Yap SY and Nesaretnam K
Nutritional, sensorial and technological characteristics of synbiotic yogurt drink enriched with prebiotic inulin
Soh JEX, Malvino W and Yan SW