Poster ID Abstract Title
A web-based childhood obesity prevention program for preschool's child-parent dyads: Protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial
Ahmad Faezi AR, Wafa SW, Talib RA and Bakar NMA
The effects of taste sensitivity and repeated taste exposure on children's intake and liking of a bitter vegetable
Nurfarhana DMN, Carmel HP, Kate H and Lisa M
Development of health education module for [email protected] program in promoting healthy lifestyle among healthcare employee: worksite setting
Wan Sahida WZ, Rosita J , Chin YS and Hazrina G
Tocotrienol's protective and therapeutic effects in rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Zaida Z, Afiqah AR, Huzwah KZ, Ammu KR, Fu JY and Puvaneswari M