Poster ID Abstract Title
Demographic and socioeconomic characteristics in relationship to food insecurity among households living in People's Housing Program (PHP) Klang Valley Malaysia
Asrawati Awalina Aslan and Norhasmah Sulaiman
SWOT analysis in understanding the role of nutritionists in promoting optimal nutritional well-being of Malaysians
Atikah Wardah M and Chin YS
Are older adults eating enough?
Camilla Wahida N, Siti Nur'asyura A and Rosita J
Association of gestational weight gain with social jetlag and sleep quality
Cheah V and Satvinder K
Body balance and its relationship with physical activity level among older adults who practise Qigong
Cheong ST and Wong JE
The association between early light exposure with chrononutrition among pregnant women
Chew WL, Satvinder K, Nurul Husna MS, Shibata S, Siti Raihanah S, Normina AB.4, Nor Aini J, Takahashi M and Lim PJ
Prevalence of overweight and obesity among vegetarians and its associated factors
Ching YK, Chin YS, Mahenderan A, Gan WY and Chan YM
Association between sleep quality and physical activity level among university students
Gan XY and Tung SEH
Relationship between lifestyle and students' academic performance in private higher institutions in Klang Valley
Lou GW and Haryati AH
Characteristics of weight and BMI changes among individuals who perceived to experience an intentional weight loss: A preliminary finding from a Malay majority population
Husin NQ and Shahril MR
The effectiveness of Warga Emas Sihat (WESIHAT) Program towards quality of life at Pusat Aktiviti Warga Emas (PAWE) Sg Kantan, Kajang, Selangor
Intan NI, Hanis MY and Suzana S
Boosting immunity with proper nutrition: an update
Jesmine K, Wan Nor I'zzah WMZ and Mohammed NI
Correlation of macronutrient intake, physical activity, exercise habits with weight in Ketofastosis community members
Khayatul Afiyah, Anugrah Novianti and Nadiyah
Prenatal circadian preference and its association with new-born sleep outcome: a prospective observational study
Lee YJ and Satvinder K
Nutritional status and its association with quality of life of non-government institutionalised elderly at Georgetown, Penang
Maryam M and Rohana AJ
Rapid assessment tool for Malaysian infants and young children feeding during an emergency: validity and usability
Ng CK, Sameeha MJ and Wong JE
Perceptions of preschool teachers in implementing The ToyBox Study Malaysia intervention
Noor Hafizah Y, Farra Aidah J, Najwa WN, Denise DK, Ruzita AT, Poh BK and Gibson EL
Prevalence of food insecurity and its relationship with socio-demographic characteristics, psychosocial health status and academic performance among undergraduate students in Universiti Putra Malaysia
Mohd Johari SN, Teng KT, Nor Syaza Sofiah A, Norhasmah S and Sabri MF
The feasibility training of trainers (ToT) for warga emas sihat (WESIHAT) program to improve the quality of life among senior citizens
Norazman AZ, Yahya HM and Shahar S
Determinants of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration in Malay workers in Kelantan
Norliyana A, Wan Mohd Izani WM and Hamid Jan JM
Induced lactation experiences and perspectives on support among support person: A qualitative study
Norsyamlina Che Abdul Rahim, Zaharah Sulaiman and Tengku Alina Tengku Ismail
Sex differences in body composition among university students
Nur Amalin J and Chin YS
Physical activity and sedentary behaviour of preschool children and their relationship with parental smartphone use pattern
Nur Minhalina MI, Koh DCL, Poh BK and Wong JE
Knowledge, attitude and practice on nutrition and family planning and its association with body weight status among undergraduate students in Universiti Putra Malaysia
Nurain Farhana Romainor and Nurzalinda Zalbahar
Factors correlated with fat-to-muscle ratio (FMR) among primary school children in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan
Nurul Amira S, Joseph Cheah MH and Chin YS
The development, validity and reliability of knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) questionnaire towards 'Frailty Intervention through Nutrition Education and Exercise (FINE)' program
Nurul Izzati Mohd Suffian, Siti Nur 'Asyura Adznam, Hazizi Abu Saad, Chan Yoke Mun, Zuriati Ibrahim and Noraida Omar
Factors associated with fad diets among undergraduate students in Universiti Putra Malaysia
Nurul Natasha Z and Norhasmah S
Prevalence of overweight and obesity among public university students in Peninsular Malaysia
NurulHudha Mohd Jamil, Norhasmah Sulaiman, Siti Nur'Asyura Adznam and Shamsul Azahari Zainal Badari
Association between health literacy, sociodemograhic and socioeconomic factors with body mass index (BMI) among secondary school student in Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Norzakirah A and Rohani I
Nutritional status among different types of vegetarians residing in Klang Valley areas.
Poo SN and Wong JE
Nutrition education intervention using internet-based website and daily reminder via personal and group WhatsApp chats on young adult females with self-perceived negative body image
Aniss AA and Ramlah G
Nutritional status among pregnant teenagers in Klang Valley
Rina SR and Norimah AK
Changes of stunting among children below five years old in Malaysia from 2015 and 2019
Ruhaya S, Shubash Shander G, Norazizah IW, Mohamad Hasnan A, Nur Shahida AA, Cheong SM, Lalitha P, Ahmad Ali Z, Munawara P, Norsyamlina CAR, Suhaila AG, Syafinaz MS and Azli B
Association of physical activity and stress level with weight status of secondary school teachers in Shah Alam, Malaysia
Sasveni S, Sarina S and Sairah AK
Chronotype, nutritional status and blood pressure level of undergraduate students
Siti Fatimah Razali and Gan Wan Ying
Prevalence of gestational weight gain: findings from maternal and infants cohort study (MICOS)
Siti Huzaifah MH, Chin YS, Gan WY, Nurzalinda Z, Woon FC, Muliana E, Tan ML, Farhan HS, Intan Hakimah I, Amir Hamzah AL, Geeta A and Chan YM
Assessment of nutritional status, dietary intake, level of physical activity and quality of life among housewives in Rawang, Gombak
Siti Nur Maisara J and Rohana AJ
Awareness of stevia as a sugar substitute among UiTM Shah Alam students
Siti Soraya ME and Intan Mutiara M
Dietary nitrate intervention and effects towards c- reactive protein (crp) level and cognitive function among middle-aged and older Malaysian adults in Segamat, Johor
Tamadhir Nayef, Azizah Mat Hussin and Devi Mohan
Serum ferritin thresholds for determination of iron status among pregnant women in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tan ML, Chin YS, Woon FC, Siti Huzaifah MH, Muliana E, Farhan HS, Lim PY and Salma Faeza AF
Association between chronotype and chrononutrition profile with weight status among adults
Tang SY and Satvinder K
Postgraduate students' experience in accessing healthy eating Information on social media
Wong HJ and Arshad MM
Association between pre-bedtime screen media activities with sleep quality among pregnant women
Wong LX and Satvinder Kaur
Association of energy intake and obesity in mothers and their children from selected primary schools
Yap SY, Ng YT, Voon PT, Tan SS, Ng TKW, Loh SP, Norhaizan ME and Ong ASH
Neighborhood environment and physical activity level of UCSI University students.
Zainab K and Shashikala S